• Octomutt Hometown: San Francisco CA US
    Octomutt is a San Francisco Bay Area gigging duo comprising Ashley Adams (bass) and Ted Savarese (guitar and vocals). Each project is treated in a unique way and utilizes other instrumentalists accordingly for color and texture.

    Ashley has worked with such diverse artists and groups as Phillip Greenlief, Kaudra, SF Womens Philharmonic, Eugene Chadborne, Beth Custer, Winechuggers and Trio Graufa. Ted also has a diverse background, having played in a few Ralph Carney configurations, done film work, and played sawdust floored CW juke joints throughout California.

    Their shows often feature guest musicians; past guests have included Ralph Carney, Danny Frankel, Ben Vaughn, Tom Herman, Bob Forrest, Ken Emerson, Will Bernard, J. Raoul Brody, and others.

    Octomutt, as described by friend and fellow musician Amy Molinelli, “sounds like San Francisco—like its skyline, like its angles, like its hills.”


  • Mon Oct 03 '05 9:41 pm kicking shit
    Octomutt has lately been doing their own take on some traditional country music, adding musicians Michael Cormier (pedal steel), Bill Cameron (piano), and long time friend Eric Friedmann (drums). Check the calendar for these shows.
  • Sat Jun 18 '05 12:04 pm Mailing list
    After about four hours on SBC tech support, I found out that Octomutt all of a sudden can't send out emails to more than ten people at a time. So please check our show schedule for gigs, until I figure this whacked out bullshit out.
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