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Studio album of vocal material. Danny Frankel on drums and percussion. Guests Ralph Carney and Brandi Shearer.

"Octomutt swiftly follow up their recent Pretty Side album with this pipin' Hot Stove. When the second song (the album's title track) kicked in, we immediately noticed the vocal presence and anticipated that the album was going to be quite a lively (almost feisty) affair in comparison to its considerably more gentle instrumental predecessor. Just check out that tune's thumpin' churn! The rest of the album however settles into a more loping, folky blues pace. As usual, the SF duo's fantastic musicianship is in full bloom as they spin their latest quirky musical yarns. Nice!" --Aquarius Records

  1. alina
  2. hot stove MP3
  3. ethal MP3
  4. go home MP3
  5. mirrormouth
  6. train whispered MP3
  7. crying like that
  8. marlene dietrich singing lili marlene MP3
  9. love for you
  10. juliet
  11. jane machine
  12. egomaniac
  13. high alright
  14. we already love you

Pretty Side $5.98 Buy
Fine veteran SF musicians Ted Savarese and Ashley Adams refuse to follow flavor of the day trends, instead they continue to follow their own muse. This time their song selection weighs heavy on respectful cover versions which might involve sweet lullabies, old tyme waltzes, old movie and show tunes (for instance, the theme from the 1960's Tammy series which starred Debbie Reynolds) and/or outbreaks of jazz -- all beautifully performed with loving care. The entirely instrumental Pretty Side is much less obviously trippy and offkilter than their previous self titled album or Savarese's other project Drizzoletto, but it's no less whimsical. Their intimate arrangements of guitar, bass, accordion and trumpet might remind you of a bygone era when things moved at a much slower pace.--Aquarius Records
  1. what'll i do?
  2. I'm getting sentimental over you
  3. irene goodnight
  4. I'll fly away (for Norma) MP3
  5. tammy
  6. little white lies MP3
  7. cool water
  8. staggerlee/hop joint
  9. song from moulin rouge
  10. indian war whoop MP3
  11. true love
  12. bully of the town
  13. bon voyage
  14. paige & mike
  15. the way you look tonight
  16. the nearness of you MP3
  17. I stand and wonder

Octomutt $5.98 Buy
Another project from the folks who brought us the quirky Drizzoletto Live At KXLU disc a short time ago. Octomutt are Ted Savarese and Ashley Adams and they weave meandering guitars and slinking loops with an easygoing anchor of standup bass. There's a definite down home, earthy feel to Octomutt's music -- seeming very casual and off the cuff -- however an occasional detour into more trippy, eccentric territory is certainly not out of the question. They're joined on the final track "Monkey And The Dolphin" by Drizzoletto co-hort and man about town Ralph Carney (tenor saxophone, flute and bongos).--Aquarius Records
  1. Scribble
  2. Cm'owan MP3
  3. Octomutt
  4. 1AM-3AM MP3
  5. Tucson MP3
  6. I Been Thinkin
  7. Fork B MP3
  8. Nesto the Besto
  9. Plammagranite
  10. Monkey and the Dolphin